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18650 Torn Design Battery Wraps


Torn design battery wraps with matching colour and battery information

Damaged battery wraps can be extremely dangerous, if there are breaks or tears in the wrap exposing the metal battery this can cause unexpected shorts, battery venting and even fire.

This is a cheap and simple solution to ensure your battery's are safe to use and a cheaper alternative to buying new battery's if your existing ones are working fine but the wraps are damaged!

Included in each pack will be the following:

Torn design printed battery wrap 

Clear PVC heat shrinkable battery sleeve 

White insulator - In case your existing one is lost! (1 per battery)

Click here for our 18650 Re-wrap tutorial


  1. Remove old battery sleeve (keep insulator safe)
  2. Apply battery wrap (+) positive side up (nipple end)
  3. Slide battery into clear PVC heat shrinkable sleeve and allow equal overhang from top to bottom
  4. Use a heat gun or hairdryer (heat gun for quicker results) and heat from the top down until the sleeve shrinks around the battery
  5. Allow the battery to cool down completely before using again
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